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SAGE COMMUNITY Winter Term Course Descriptions   




America’s Greatest Conflicts / Avery H. Fromet, J.D.

The United States has been involved in many conflicts that had tremendous impact on America as well as the entire world.  We will look at the fascinating history behind the American Revolution, the Civil War,  Afghanistan and more.


Bridges I Have Known– Famous, Interesting, Quirky / Marty Cohen, Ph.D.

A photo-filled journey across America, the globe, and Northeast Ohio to view and discuss all sorts of bridges for vehicles, people, even animals.  We will include examples of nature’s bridges and many large and small man-made structures.


Brief Introduction to the most widely spoken language in the world–Spanish / Ehrman Armstong, B.A., M.B.A.

Islamic Spain and the incredible coincidences of the year 1492 will be reviewed. What happened to the Jews of Islamic Spain?  The positive and negative effects from  La Conquista (the conquest) of nearly all the Americas and the Western half of the U.S will be discussed.  What were the great civilizations destroyed by the conquest? Why is English our national language instead of Spanish?  Why do so many Spanish words look familiar?  The course will provide help for you as a traveler and be tailored to your needs:  Pleasantries.  How to order a meal.  Where is…?  All will be covered in the class.

Heaven on Earth / Samuel Barnett, Ph.D.

Since its beginnings America has provided fertile ground for trying to create the perfect society–utopia or heaven on earth. We will trace the history of some of these experiments through their rise and fall, with special attention to the question:  What do the Ephrata Cloister in Pennsylvania, the Shaker communities (including two here in Ohio), New Harmony in Indiana, the Oneida community in New York, and others have in common and what do they teach us about our own lives today?


Immune System; Function & Dysfunction in Health & Disease / Moshe Torem, M.D.

This 4-hour course will review the anatomy and physiology of the Immune System.  In addition, the function of a healthy immune system and its purpose to maintain good health will be explained.  Moreover, dysfunctional states of the immune system and how they lead to certain conditions will be covered such as allergies, anaphylactic shocks, infections and autoimmune disorders.  The development of vaccines and their role in protecting us from pandemic global infection will be explained and discussed.  

“Looking at our history through the lens of some important trials” / Gerald Graham, M.A.

This course will consider four important themes of our history (Civil Rights, Crime, Politics and War) and how each was reflected in some of our most famous trials.  Join us as we examine and review how memorable trials offer real insight into important aspects of the nation’s history.


Meditative Photography / Ed Solem, M.S., D.A.B.R.

This course will explore Meditative Photography by explaining its philosophy and techniques and will use examples of 13” x 19” photographic prints.   Weekly topics will include:  Introduction and definitions, Elements of the camera, Stages of inspiration and Printmaking.


Moments in Music / Edward Wiles, M.A. Music Ed., M.A. Church Music

For those who love music, this course is the perfect way to end your day at SAGE! It is a musical treat designed by lecturer-musician Ed Wiles.  Invited local musicians, advanced music students from Hudson’s Western Reserve Academy, and informative commentary concerning the music, composers, and performers provide a complete music appreciation experience.


News and Views / Rose McIntyre, M.S.W.

An open forum discussion group.  Suggested topics offered each week by participants may focus on global, national, regional and local political and social issues.  Join in this lively class session.


Stories of World War II France–Collaborators, Resisters, and Those in Between (Attentists) / Susan Marks, M.P.A, M.A.

This course will examine the French experience during World War II, beginning with the country’s surrender to the Nazis in 1940 and the rise of the Vichy government.  Were most people collaborators with the Nazi regime?  Who were the Resisters?  To what extent did the French government participate in Hitler’s “Final Solution?”  Where were Jewish people able to hide and who hid them? We will also examine how France finally came to terms with this dark period in its history, beginning in 1970 and continuing today.

Through the Eyes of the Artist / Felicia Zavarella Stadelman, M.A., Art Historian

“Through the Eyes of the Artist” offers an exclusive view into the remarkable lives and times of our most famous and beloved artists.  With over 43 artists in her series, you will have the opportunity to learn about artists you may not know, but will never forget!  Some of the artists featured in these four weeks are:  Tamara DeLempicka, Edgar Degas and Paul Gauguin.

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