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(No classes Thanksgiving Week)

Please find the new Class Schedule, Course Descriptions, Registration Form, Student Information...


You will notice that we do not have quite as many courses this term, and that is because the downstairs
classrooms are not being used while COVID is still on the prowl. The rooms we are using are, for the
most part, the larger rooms in the Church, where we can space out a bit more easily, those being the
church Sanctuary, Parish Hall, and the Old Chapel.

Together with faculty, we have put together our usual first rate variety of course choices that are
interesting and new. Some titles are familiar, but the content is new, and we hope will be of interest to
everyone. Faculty members are as excited as all of us to be together again, and they are looking forward
to seeing "their" students on opening day!


Jerry Graham is trying something new following his class; giving him and students the opportunity to
continue Q & A discussion on his course topic, informally. Check under Q & A listed on the Course
Descriptions for attendance information.


If you haven't been inside Christ Church since 2020, you will be pleasantly surprised to see the new
renovations that have taken place in our absence! When you enter the church from the Parking Lot, you
will turn right, pass the coat room, and wind down the hallway, past the elevator and new restrooms, to
the rear entrance of Parish Hall, where you will find Irene behind the kitchen counter, ready to greet
you with coffee/tea/water and pastries! We are not ordering lunches-in this Term, so it is a brown-bag
lunch at the church; there are restaurants nearby that will gladly welcome you!


It will be a great day, but for some a day when we remember some of our community who will not be
with us; Donna Harris, former student and Advisory Committee member; Jim McIntyre who, with his wife
Rose, has been a devoted student and participant of SAGE activities throughout the years; and faculty
member, Greg Young, who will be missed by all as we start this new Term. When Greg’s wife Kimberly
wrote of his passing, her closing words that I have found so uplifting, were “Godspeed Greg, and Fly
High!” Just a few words, but powerful, and positive in their meaning, as we come into the Church on
opening day. Kimberly, with friends, has started a SAGE Scholarship Fund as a memorial to Greg’s
passion for lifelong learning, The Gregory C. Young Memorial Scholarship Fund. More to come on this,
as a process is in place.


So now, it is time to enroll, recruit friends and neighbors to join us as we start Fall Term 2022. Diane,
myself, and the SAGE staff are looking forward to seeing you on October 11, vaccinated, boosted, and
wearing masks if needed for extra caution.

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