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Welcome to SAGE Community...

A lifelong learning experience

When participating in this premier Lifelong Learning Program, you come into an environment that will continue to keep you brain-healthy and engaged, your interest piqued, and your social encounters on a new and stimulating level.  At the end of the day, you will know that this new life-stage known as "retirement" is actually the beginning of new adventures, and that is what SAGE Community is - an adventure!

SAGE Community is a self-supporting, non-profit, Lifelong Learning Program that meets at Christ Church Episcopal in downtown Hudson, and draws men and women from many communities across Summit, and adjoining counties.   Although located at a church, SAGE Community is not affiliated with, or constrained by, any religious doctrine.   People of all faiths, cultures, and lifestyles are welcomed.

You will find upon leaving SAGE at the end of the day you are feeling totally stimulated and energized, not only by the classes you have attended, but also by the active, friendly, and energizing people you have been with all day.


Director, Curriculum & Program Development

Diane Ruppelt


Administrative Coordinator

Gurmukh Bhatia



Shyam Joshi

Founder & Director Emeritus

Iris Whittington Gold

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